P-51 Mustang Speedster

P-51 Mustang Speedster

$325.00 $299.00

The P-51 Mustang Speedster is a custom built 1/12th scale nitro powered speed plane. When properly fitted and tuned with the right engine and pipes, the P-51 can reach speeds up to 200mph. When placing an order, please specify which engine you will be using so it can be fitted to the fuse. Please also leave any comments for desired color schemes or liveries.

*Also available as a kit

The shipping container is custom built and fitted to the aircraft. The shipping box is considered an "oversized package" and is usually a little more expensive to build and ship. Engine not included.

Aircraft Specsheet;
  • Wing Span - 38"
  • Wing Area - N/AinĀ²
  • Fuselage Length - 33"
  • Weight - 3.5lbs.
  • Engine Size - .25-.35


  • Hand crafted upon order
  • Custom livery schemes
  • High load foam wing cores
  • Replaceable belly skids
  • Great low speed capability