Custom P-51 Speed Plane



Custom, Hand crafted 1/12 scale Nitro P-51 speed Plane.  The aircraft can be fitted with a .25 - .36 engine. Typically they are fitted to an OS.25 engine. If another engine is being used, please specify in the comments section of your order as the crank shafts and engine heads are different sizes and lengths.

The aircraft when fitted with a .32 - .36 engine with tuned pipes are 175 MPH range. Recommended for a skilled RC pilot. A few models have reached the 200MPH range with the right prop and pipe match-up.

I personally build each aircraft with either a color scheme I choose or a color scheme that you choose.

The shipping container is custom built and fitted to the aircraft. The shipping box is considered an "oversized package" and is usually a little more expensive to build and ship.